Your Own Individual Compass to Lead Your Way!

Life can be confusing.  We talk ourselves into things and out of things all the time.  We want to do better and be better, but we procrastinate, over analyze and second guess.

If we just had a special compass that we could use to see what the right choices are, wouldn’t that be great!

Several years ago I tossed out the practice of making New Years Resolutions ( since it doesn’t usually work) and began choosing a Word of the Year!  Many of you have adopted this practice and have already chose your word.  Some of you are still contemplating.

I first discovered this several years ago from a blog by Christine Kane.  She created a wonderful Tool Kit to help with the process.  Below are a few journaling questions from her and a few from my own experience that will help to strengthen your intention and get clear on the vision moving forward with your word.

The most important step is number 5! Don’t skip it!

The word will be like a Lighthouse guiding your way through the darkness or a compass when you feel a little lost.

Here are a few awesome words to choose from.

Delight, Attention, Presence, Beauty, Joy, Focus, Heal, Order, Clarity, Pioneer, Peace, Res, No, Yes, Deliberate, Discipline, Committment, Savor, Integrity, Listen, Generosity, Effortlessness, Wealth, Gratitude, Abundance, Creativity, listen, allow, change, grow, freedom, mastery, health, acceptance, courage, confidence, self love, action, forgiveness, release, trust, patience, fun, friendship, grace, laughter, love, expansion, exploration, limitless, adventure, openess, awe, awareness, risk, choice, Spirit, power, or any other word that speaks to you.

Follow this compass to the best of your ability with no attachment to the outcome.

Questions to Help Deepen Your Intention

  1. Why do you think this is a great word for you this year?
  2. In what areas of your life do you already embody this word?
  3. In what areas of your life do you not?  Why?
  4. What fears may get in the way of living this word? (Awareness is key here)


5. Journal as if it is the end of the 2018 and you really lived this word fully!  (Pretend that you have traveled in time to the future)  What would the journal say?  Dream it!  Go!

Act and feel as if you ARE this word!  Not needing to figure anything out.  Just feel it and own it.  Let go.  The Universe will support your focus and attention!  Feel a few moments of gratitude to seal it in!




About Bani Aello

Helping people feel better! That's what my site and my work is about. I do that by teaching you how to Clear out the negative emotions and beliefs that get in the way. Then connect to your Power, your Essence, which is fully connected to Source or Spirit. In doing so, you simultaneously Create a better and more abundant life for yourself. The improved feeling state on the inside produces the improved life situation on the outside.

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