Mindfulness Training

Regardless of race, education, or socioeconomic status, an alarming number of children and adolescents are being diagnosed with ADHD, depression, anxiety, obesity, eating disorders, and addictions, and engaging in cutting and other self-destructive behaviors, including suicide.

To address many of these issues, schools are recognizing the valuable benefits of mindfulness and are incorporating mindfulness programs into their curriculum.  Practicing mindfulness has been shown to improve attention and reduce stress as well as increase one’s ability to regulate emotions and feel compassion and empathy. Mindfulness also is widely considered an effective psychotherapy treatment for adults, children, and adolescents with aggression, ADHD, or mental health problems such as anxiety.

How Does Mindfulness Help Children?

Mindful awareness helps students with self regulation, optimism, and planning and organizational skills. Children who practice mindfulness improve their ability to get along with other children. Mindfulness practice enhances their self-concept, self-regulation, and self-management plus equips them with better impulse control and less reactivity. Also, as a result, visits to the principal’s office, incidents of bullying, and absenteeism decrease.

Students learn about attending to the here and now and being present with the people that they interact with, with themselves, and with their environment in a non-judgmental way. Students learn how to reflect on their own thoughts and actions so that they make better choices for themselves and for others as well.

Mindfulness Training at Bloomfield Central School District

Bloomfield Central School District is now implementing mindfulness training in all 6th grade classrooms. The training uses meditation and relaxation to train your mind to think positive thoughts. Mindfulness training was implemented this school year hoping to ease student stress and improve common core performance. The district got a grant to hire Bani Aello to teach students and teachers her techniques, which include tools such as positive affirmations, meditation, and synchronized breathing. Read more…

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