SUP : Paddle, Peace and Presence every Tuesday night on Canandaigua Lake!

What is Paddle Peace and Presence?

91de7109-3dbd-4391-abfe-d2c258119377So much of the time our minds are in the future planning or worrying, (which causes anxiety) or in the past ruminating over something that happened, perhaps having regrets or resentment (which causes depression).

Mindfulness teaches us to be In The Present Moment. Living in a state of presence allows us to live with a greater amount of peace, joy, freedom and love!

ef09914a-7a1f-4fcb-94bb-3990314972c6During the first half of the session we will paddle around the cove dropping into our senses, taking in the beautiful view of the lake.
For the second half of the class I will lead you in guided relaxation and meditations to commune with nature while you are sitting and lying on the paddle board. Tension and stress will melt away and leave you feeling an incredible sense of peace!

89c6efa2-18c0-40c8-8140-5895cd5a9fefThere is no previous paddleboard experience necessary! I will instruct you in how to stand, balance and row. These specific boards are called Yoga Boards and are extra bouyant and tip much less easily! No worries if you do tip and fall into the water! It will be nice and refreshing!

You may wear Yoga clothes, work out clothes or your swim suit! Bring an extra layer and a towel. No shoes are worn on the paddleboard. You may leave personal belongings in Canandaigua Sailboarding during the class.

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