Mindfulness in Golf Program

10458176-meditating-on-the-golf-courseMindfulness in Golf provides you with the tools and techniques to help you feel more calm, peaceful and confident during your game. Achieving this mental state can help to guarantee peak performance, particularly during competitive play.


If you love golf but experience any of the following, Mindfulness in Golf Program might be for you:

  • one bad shot ruins the next one
  • You are your own worst critic
  • first tee nerves
  • choke under pressure
  • can’t switch off the mind chatter
  • a few bad shots ruins your fun and enjoyment

To work on the mental game through the principles of mindfulness.
Increase range of motion, flexibility and strength through yoga.
Note: There is no previous experience necessary in either yoga, mindfulness or meditation. A willingness to be open to try something new is required.

Session 1:
Course objectives/ overview of the principles of mindfulness to be covered
Relaxation/ breath
Yoga for golfers
Session 2:
Presence/ being in the moment/ in the flow
Yoga for golfers
Session 3:
Review presence
Thoughts ( negative or critical vs. positive and their effect on our body and mind, changing our relationship to our thoughts)
Yoga for golfers
Session 4:
Review presence and thoughts
Non-attachment to an outcome/ Letting go/ Non striving
Yoga for golfers
Session 5:
Review breath/ relaxation, presence, thoughts, non-attachment
trust/ patience
Yoga for golfers
Session 6:
Practice all principles of mindfulness
Yoga for golfers
Session 7:
Gratitude/ Play every game as if it were your last
Beginners Mind
Practice all principles of mindfulness
Yoga for golfers