Cultivating Kindfulness

Uniformity and Unity are Not the Same Thing

I attended the first Mindful Canada Symposium in Toronto this weekend.  Toronto is my birthplace, so although I am now a U.S. Citizen, I visit the Toronto area quite often. There were a few wonderful speakers who shared some points that really stood out for me!  I am sharing just a few of those with you here:

We are over 99% alike.  “As I am, so are they.  As they are, so am I.”  We are all sacred Beings. As we look after others, we look after ourselves.  As we look after ourselves, we look after others.  The Golden Rule comes to mind for me here.

Mindfulness Leads to Kindfulness

We must know our values, dreams and goals and work for them to be reflected in our laws, institutions and relations with others.  What are your values?  Stop for a moment and consider 2 or 3.

The Mind is Everything.  A good mind leads to good. A bad mind leads to bad.  Anger, hate, fear, greed, jealousy, depression, anxiety are all creations of the mind.   An unaware person might say, “She’s bad and I’m angry!”  A person with Awareness or Mindfulness might say, “I’m thinking that she is a bad person and I’m feeling angry.” Can you feel the difference?

There are not enough bombs, bullets or anti depressants to get us out of this.

Awareness cultivates a healthy brain which creates a healthy person, which creates a healthy country and a healthy world.

Let There Be Light

Finally, “Love grows from the smallest of seeds.”  May we be those seeds!

Because of me, let nobody suffer.

Because of me, let everyone be happy.

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Helping people feel better! That's what my site and my work is about. I do that by teaching you how to Clear out the negative emotions and beliefs that get in the way. Then connect to your Power, your Essence, which is fully connected to Source or Spirit. In doing so, you simultaneously Create a better and more abundant life for yourself. The improved feeling state on the inside produces the improved life situation on the outside.

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