is an ongoing process. We are creating all of the time whether we like it or not and whether we know it or not. Every moment of every day. We create experiences and situations that match our current beliefs. For example, if we believe that we are not worthy of being treated well we will continue to attract situations where we are not treated well and attract people who will not treat us well.

We also♥

create experiences and situations that match our feeling state. If we feel down and discouraged, like nothing ever works out for us, then we will create situations and events that don’t work out for us and that we will be disappointed about. As we gradually shift our beliefs through clearing and connecting, to higher truths and better feelings, we will naturally attract and create experiences that match those.
Here is a joke that illustrates this point.

A man ♥

passes away and goes to heaven where he meets St. Peter at the gate. Peter looks over the list for the man’s name and he says, “Sorry, but I don’t see your name here. Let me go and check with the boss. Go to that room over there and take a seat.” The man opens the door to the room and he finds a massive space filled with yachts, houses, cars, swimming pools and people – everything you could ever think of. The man shuts the door and goes to a chair and sits down to wait. Peter calls the man over and says, “Yep, you’re on my list. Come on in. Do you have any questions?” The man asks, “Why are there all kinds of things in that room over there? What’s that about?” Peter replies, “Oh, that’s all the stuff that people asked for and were given, but they were not able to receive them.”