Bani Aello

Reduce Anxiety. Relieve Stress. Add More Joy to Your Life.

Bani Aello offers Group Classes, Special Programs and Private Sessions that teach you how to reduce anxiety and manage stress by providing you with healthful and effective tools that you can easily incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

Meet Bani


Several years ago, I had the opportunity to experience how powerful tools such as yoga, meditation, sound healing and reiki provided the pathway to healing and well-being. It was through my own personal transformation that made me acutely aware of how obstacles such as worry and anxiety deplete our energy and derail us from our desired life. Peace, joy and freedom are available to everyone. Want to live the life of your dreams? I invite you to take this journey...


  • Testimonial

    Bani’s teaching is truly inspirational. She radiates a positive energy and her classes allow me to bring my mind, body and spirit back into balance. I look forward to every session!

    - Cathy Frederick

  • Testimonial

    Practicing meditation with Bani for me has literally been a life changing journey. I have discovered more about myself in the past year than in the last 30. Every week I take a pearl of wisdom from my experience and insert it into my daily routine. It is an everyday commitment and the results for me have been nothing short of magnificent. Just that one hour a week balances my mind with my body which helps me feel reawakened  and grateful. Thank you Bani for helping me rediscover myself.

    - Aaron Passalacqua

  • Testimonial

    Meditation Class

    Though I’ve used meditation off and on for years, Bani’s weekly group meditation experience introduces me to a variety of different types of meditation techniques.  It has also inspired my commitment toward daily practice.

    For me, Bani’s use of guided imagery and visualization techniques often result in new insights about myself and my relationships with others, as well as an increased clarity of my own person path toward spiritual development.

    At the very least, by the end of the hour, I always gain a deep sense of relaxation and renewal, which I carry with me when I leave.


    My experience with Bani’s Journeydance was amazing.  A welcoming, non-judgmental environment invited me to express myself freely.  Combining beautiful music, meditation, and dance, we were guided through a journey of of self-exploration.  My personal experience was truly moving.  It led to profound insights, and the ability to see things from a perspective I never knew existed.


    - Valerie Walton

  • Testimonial

    I could be having the SH*TTIEST day in the world, then come to Banni’s guided meditation and miraculously my wholeness calms…. it’s crazy!!!

    I remember once I had missed some weeks, I was really busy and running around feeling like life was just sucked out!! So I set the intention to “just Do It”…. Banni’s meditation that night was about setting the inner spirit free peeling off the layers of stress we put on ourselves…. It was profound!!

    In my head, I could literally feel my inner spirit just fly free… she was beautiful and it felt so amazingly peaceful…. I was like WOW… (only a slow version …. like woOOOow!!)

    That is one of many AHA moments I’ve had… Your classes, my friend…..have offered me a library of them to go to as needed..I am blessed by your gifts. Much LOVE!!

    Juanita Sandford-Barone
    Advanced Graphics & Color Management
    Creative Services Division

    - Juanita Sandford-Barone